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Name:Mr. Wahyu Widodo [Marketing]
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Y!: andalasclothing@yahoo.com Y!: andalasclothing
Mobile Number:06281328035977
Phone Number:062-21-68625307
Fax Number:062-21-56981170
Address:Jl Mangga 16 Blok CC no 37 Tanjung Duren Duri Kepa Jakarta Barat Indonesia
DKI Jakarta 11510, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Mar. 02, 2009
Last Updated:Jan. 08, 2010
Business Nature:Trade of Apparel & Fashion category

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We are a t-shirt manufacturer, located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We provide high quality 100% cotton tshirt. Available in small & large quantity. Ready for export. visit http: / / grosirkaospolos.wordpress.com

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